Dimanche 15 décembre – Christmas party

Hi all, the Association Franco-Irlandaise de Lyon is delighted to announce that the one and only Santa Claus will be making a quick pre-Christmas visit to Lyon!

Santa will be available to chat to our youngest local residents in his Lyon grotto (i.e.the cave in Johnny’s Kitchen) on the afternoon of Sunday 15th December.

Johnny’s Kitchn will be open from 12:00, we’ll be gathering from about 12:30 / 1:00pm for lunch. Santa is expected to arrive at around 3:00pm.

Admission to meet Santa is free, however we would ask that parents bring their own present, pre-wrapped with their child’s name clearly written on it. This will be sneakily handed to one of Santa’s elves prior to the star of the show’s appearance.

We would request that a maximum of 10€ is spent on each present so that the event is affordable to all.

The event is open to all, be they Irish or not, but please note that it is an English speaking event (with maybe a ‘cúpla focal’ in Gaelic as well!). That said, Santa, mighty man that he is, will no doubt be able to handle a few words in French if necessary…..probably in a brutal County Down accent however! 😉

Please confirm if you’d like to attend (and how many children you’ll be bringing) prior to Wednesday 11th December.

See you then,


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