Fête de Noel virtuelle – dimanche 13 décembre

The Association Franco-Irlandaise de Lyon is delighted to announce that despite the challenges posed by 2020, Santa Claus will indeed be making his annual pre-Christmas visit to Lyon !

Santa has decided to embrace the technology of the 21st century in order to speak to our youngest local residents live on Facebook. Our good friends at the Wallace Bar will be hosting Santa’s Grotto from where we will broadcast on Sunday the 13th of December at 12:00pm sharp.All are welcome to tune in, and we suggest that if parents wish to maximise the experience for their child, they should send a personalised message in advance for Santa to read out. You may also want to give your child a small gift (« from Santa ») at the same time. If you want to let Santa know what the gift is, all the better.

Please contact me at eoin_campbell@hotmail.com if you wish to participate.

The event is open to all, be they Irish or not. Santa will primarily be speaking English (with maybe a ‘cúpla focal’ in Gaelic as well). That said, Santa can of course speak in French if that is more appropriate for your child….. he’ll probably speak in a brutal County Down accent however! 😉Please confirm send any messages for Santa by the evening of Saturday 12th December at the latest. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal by next year, but for now we’ll do what we can!

Eoin Campbell

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