Pique nique annuel de l’AFIL – dimanche 6 septembre

Hi all, given the very particular challenges that 2020 has brought us we’ve been largely inactive for the last few months, but AFIL is still alive and well! As the rules on social distancing continue to evolve we’ve decided that (as it is outdoors) it is safe to retain our annual picnic but to make it more of a « rentrée » event, the chosen date being Sunday the 6th of September.

The venue is close to home for the majority of us; Parc de la Tête d’or. We’ll be meeting at the point shown on the map below.

Please note that barbecues are not permitted in the park.

As always, please remember that you don’t have to be Irish to come to our events and French (and indeed miscellaneous!) friends are more than welcome to join us.

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