MERAKI #3 / Festival International de Théâtre Universitaire

A theatre group from Dublin City University is participating in the Université Jean Moulin (Lyon 3) annual international student theatre festival.

The play will be in English, French and Irish and  is on Friday the 31st at 8  in the MCJ Monplaisir 25 avenue des Frères Lumière. It is based around a series of conversations and interactions in a café and is entitled Cáca Milis, which presumably is tongue in cheek…  (easiest way to get to the venue is to take the passageway and at the first metal door on your left ring at Maison des Européens, the door should open automatically for you and the room is on the first floor)

Additionally, the consulate will be organising a series of events on the 30th of May in the company of the DCU troop and some of the people from the service culture at Lyon 3: there’s a visit of les Célestins théâtre organised at 2pm and afterwards followed by a “moment convivial” with the same group organised at the Funky Monkey bar on quai des Célestins where all are welcome, that will be from about 3:30 till 6pm.


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